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  For comfort, efficiency and ease, use an Atlas document holder! 

What users say  

I have a collection of book and copy holders that Iíve picked up over the years but each has limited use and every one of them needs to be elevated in order to avoid neck strain. Yours addresses every application perfectly, elegantly and ergonomically. Itís sturdy, portable, has a small footprint, and is extremely adjustable with the height adjustment being the one I most appreciate. I like that itís just three flat, easy to carry pieces making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. I love using my Atlas Ultra Book & Copy Holder (in bright raspberry) and am recommending it to those students of mine looking for a way to read without neck strain.

Thank you for designing and creating this much-needed product!

Jill Geiger

April 2018

Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the standard black Atlas we received today. It easily holds our big Webster's unabridged dictionary and looks as if it has always been there.

Wonderful product, does everything you say it does.

Best wishes,

Michael and Katharine Howard
San Francisco
March 2013

I am very happy to tell you that my copyholder arrived today and I think it's fantastic. It was easy to put together and everything works the way the instruction booklet describes. I've looked for a sturdy book and copyholder for over 20 years and am so happy that I found your site!

Thank you again for your wonderful product.

Rob Haskins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Music
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH

March 2011

My Atlas came today, and I love it! I bought it to use with a study bible that I had trouble reading when it was flat on the table. The Atlas is strong and within a couple minutes I set it up so I can see the print clearly and at just the right height — thank you for a stellar product!

Margie Greenman
December 2009
I recently ordered the Atlas Ultra and I couldn't be more pleased. As a student nurse, it is exactly what the doctor ordered! No more falling asleep over my book, no more neckaches, tipping books, or ripped pages. Your stand is a dream. We nursing students have VERY thick, heavy books, and your stand is perfect: lightweight, portable, and able to hold the heaviest of textbooks. I'm in love! I tell everyone I can. It's probably the single best investment I've made for my nursing education.

S. Barnes, Student Nurse

December 2007
I am currently enrolled in the doctoral program and spend hours at the computer typing papers from textbooks and journals. I found it difficult to continually bend over to read from the book and then look back at the screen to type. The Atlas Ultra is great because I can look at the book and computer screen at the same time. I debated between the Standard and the Ultra, had all my questions answered by your great customer service, and decided on the Ultra because of design, weight, and appearance. After ordering the Ultra it arrived fast with all the paperwork and in perfect shape. The Ultra is a very high quality durable stand that fits together with precision, looks great, works great, and overall is exceptional. The weight of the ultra keeps it in place and I can turn the pages of my textbooks on a sturdy stand. I have to be really impressed to take time and write a review like this, so thanks for a remarkable product and I plan to purchase more Ultras for myself and as gifts.


December 2007
Just a note to tell you that I adore my new Atlas Ergonomic Book & Copy Holder. It is the best thing I have bought, along with my Honda Civic Hybrid.

The Atlas is a) beautifully designed Ė simple and balanced; b) it is perfect for heavy books or hardback books; c) it is great for looking at art books Ė looking at paintings at that angle is a completely different experience; d) it is great for the body Ė a person can sit up straight and read, and, of course, what is good for the body is good for the mind; and e) it looks great Ė very important.

I never write notes like this, but I wanted to express my appreciation for the intelligence and care that went into this. A rare thing these days.

Susan Chen
I am a 46 year old college student, and the Atlas is saving my neck from the strain of reading a lot of textbooks. I ordered an Atlas bookstand last week. I just want to let you know that it is wonderful! It is just what I need to read a lot of school materials!

Bernadette Bradburn
Pocatello, Idaho
Since childhood I have had lyme disease. Either from it or something else, I get severe neck pain when I read. I usually deal well with pain and avoid pain killers, but the inflammation gets so bad while reading that I used to be forced to take anti-inflammatories. The pain was so bad I would nearly cry and could never focus. Normally it could take two days [on medication] until I had full range of neck motion.

To deal with this, I first made bookstands out of dictionaries and this helped. Then I began using the ergonomic book support and it was a dream come true for me. I can study many, many more hours without neck fatigue. Without the use of your book support I would not have been able to pursue a medical career—the pain was so severe that I would have given up.

It sounds corny, but I can honestly say that this book stand is a dream come true for me. You can find cheaper versions, yes, but the quality that you provide cannot be met by any other maker of book supporters. Every day I use the support I am thankful for having it. It is one of the best investments anyone who reads can ever make. Without question, it saved me academically.

Max Schwartzman
New York City
I'm buying my fourth Atlas Ultra!   I have two Atlas Ultra bookstands — one for my locker at law school and one for my home. The other two I've purchased have been as gifts for other people.

I continue to cherish your excellent product and whenever people come up to me in the library and ask about it, I tell them it's one of the best purchases I've ever made....I think that for medicine/law students, this product is something really important, not just for comfort and efficiency but also for health.

Thanks for making the one and only high quality, classy, strong, well designed, elegantly simple solution.

Philippe Pakter
New York

I am delighted with the quality of workmanship, simplicity of design, and utility of my three new book holders.

Already I can study law fourteen hours a day without the headaches, neck and shoulder strain I experienced previously. Now I can enjoy the pleasant fatigue of studying subjects I love.

Thank you for making a brilliantly simple product for the serious student!

Kind regards,

Rob B.
I bought the Atlas bookholder from you last summer, and I continue to profit from it. Really canít imagine how I managed before! It goes from my desktop to my laptop work environment. I even set it up on the coffee table when Iím couch-potatoing on the sofa!

It's perfect for a monthly journal indexing job. I love being able to raise and lower the shelf.

Sharon H. Sweeney, Ph.D.
Well, well. You've gone and done it now.

I must say I really, really like your CopyHolder. Those little metal posts are handy humdingers - in fact, I appreciate the tilt(s), the pencil holder, the ease of moving the line-marker with hardly a swat, and the strength of the whole thing. I can put my binder with 300 pages on the contraption with no problem.

It is so seldom that one can be utterly satisfied with an item these days, often due to too much hype and outright lies about all the problems it will solve (and implying that it won't create other problems), but I sure am happy with this one.

Good work, y'all.

Martha Osgood
Your web site was so simple and uncluttered. The testimonials were particularly compelling and the photographs really told the story.

Thanks for checking out our web site. In my opinion, the products we make are as outstanding in our category as your products are in your category.

Bake on,

Dennis Gilliam
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales
I must tell you that I bought the Atlas Book and Copy Holder as a gift for a friend. She had seen an ad in a magazine and showed it to me. She has raved about every aspect of your product: the craftmanship, originality and functionality of this product have all exceeded her expectations. So much so, that she is considering purchasing another for her office! How nice it is to give a gift that is so well appreciated.

I should add, too, that the merchandise arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thanks for your wonderful product and customer service.

Gracie Smith
Columbus, Ohio

I love my new Atlas bookholder! I wish I would have had an Atlas during my college years. It is attractive and strong. I needed something to hold heavy textbooks at the right angle and height for me. Light glare used to bother me while reading, but not anymore. I can adjust my Atlas to avoid both neck strain and annoying light glare. You have a great product!  Thank you.

Lily M. Clement-Brown
Houston, Texas

I am using the ATLAS for several weeks now. I find myself using it easily and nearly always when I am reading. Your whole body position is so much more relaxed when you do not have to hold the book yourself. I also feel that I hold my head much more natural when I am using the ATLAS.

When I am using the computer I do not that often have a book or copy to hold, but when I have them the ATLAS is always a helpful hand to hold them perfectly.

So I like to thank you very much for your product and when I get the opportunity I will also tell it to more people in the Netherlands about it. It is very useful for me, so why not for others.

Hans te Maarssen
The Netherlands

Iíve looked high and low for a good book holder. Nothing compares to the ergonomic ATLAS! It puts my reading material exactly where I need it. Itís easy to adjust and doesnít take up much room. I appreciate its rock-solid construction, and I admire its workmanship Ė with attention to details like its non-skid base and shelf. I like my ATLAS so much that I just had to order another! Good work on a great product!

Casey Bazewick
I absolutely love my Atlas Ultra.  I am an occupational therapist and I work as an editor of occupational therapy books. It has saved my neck!

Austin, Texas

Received the Atlas Ultra today...the Atlas is without question the most clever thing I've ever seen.  I especially like the simplicity with which you've thought this through.  I am using the Atlas in a very ornate room and it blends in beautifully.  I've wanted a dictionary holder for years!

Beth Brill
Cleveland, Ohio

I received my Atlas SOOO FAST!!!  Thank you for the FAST service--I'll not be losing pages and 'my place' when crocheting and knitting anymore.

Angie Hickel
I must say, this product [Standard Atlas} is VERY well made and the design was obviously well thought out.  I sure am glad that I found your site!

Thank you very much for your honesty and excellent customer service!

J. Molloy

As an art history student, most of my books are quite heavy, often cumbersome and hard to hold.  This makes the study of paintings and other objects frustrating and difficult.

I have been looking for a stand to hold my books so that I can keep pictures in view throughout the day, and when I heard about the "Atlas Ultra" I was curious.  I ordered one and now use it every day.  It is perfect for my needs, and I love it.

Cassandra Stanley
San Francisco, California

Oh my gosh do I love this product.  I just received [the Atlas Ultra], put it together in a snap and sat down to study. What a relief.  I am studying medical transcription and am constantly looking from a workbook to a big heavy medical dictionary.  Now I can work in my workbook and look at eye level at my dictionary. You've just made my life significantly easier.  Thank you so much!   

I also appreciate the fine service.  The personal service is very impressive!

Sandie - Kentucky
Medical Transcription Student


Well, I must tell you my [Standard Atlas] book holder is even better than I had hoped. It truly makes my job tons easier, and in ways I never anticipated. I thought that by putting my big, heavy medical dictionary on it, it would just make looking things up easier. And indeed it does.

I forgot about having to hold this 9-pound tome while tapping in with one finger the word I just looked up. No more. Nor does my Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary get tangled in my headset cord or bump into any unwanted keys on my keyboard. Not to mention the times I'd look something up, put the dictionary back, and then forget how to spell what I had just looked up. Naturally this necessitated another grab for the dictionary. Now it stays open at eye level, and I just read along with no fuss or muss. My Standard Atlas...can also hold my binder, which I just plop on the nice, wide shelf right on top of my medical dictionary when I need to look at them.

The first time I used my book holder under actual transcription conditions, I actually laughed out loud at how easy it made things. So I am one very, very happy and content customer. I'm deliriously overjoyed I found your website.

Gene D.
Medical Transcriptionist
Phoenix, Arizona

I just wanted you to know that my... book holder arrived last Tuesday. I am delighted with it.... And it is now in service, as are the other two.  Thanks for the extra posts. These bookholders really are a clever idea. Given all the books and papers I have, and the amount of time I spend in front of my computers, at home and the office, I wish I had had them years ago. It would have made things more simple.

Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter

As a physical therapist, I am always looking for great ergonomic tools that are affordable.  I searched for a while before I found [the Atlas Ergonomic Book & Copy Holder], and have to say the height adjustability and affordability won me over.

Tonya Hodges, RPT

I got my new [Standard] Atlas today, and it is perfect. I opened it, and put it right to work. I had known at once when I bought my first Atlas that I would get another, because there is just no bookstand that compares with this for ease of use and ergonomic efficiency in dealing with big volumes. My two Atlases now stand side by side in my work space, holding my large Biblical Lexicons and Study Books. They make my work easier (at least the materials handling portion), and they look mighty good too.

Bert Horowitz

Well, [The Atlas Ergonomic Book & Copy Holder] is just perfect, and I can't tell you how many awful metal devices I've tried and chucked out over the past four years! My husband was rather sceptical at the start, and then was bowled over by its simplicity and practicality.

I don't know whether you or your firm ever thought about marketing its products here in Israel; it would certainly be ground-breaking!

Diana Rubanenko
(Hebrew-to-English Translator)
I'm really loving the stand. No more neck pains.

Linda Pellecchia
Art Historian, Professor
University of Delaware

My Atlas is installed and happy now next to my screen [in Norway]. I think it's an ingenious contraption and am enjoying using it.... Being married to my own personal technical genius, I know how to appreciate the consciousness embedded in objects and I see that LOTS of thought has gone into Atlas....

Susan Schwartz Senstad
Author of the novel Music for the Third Ear, Anchor Books, Doubleday, U.K.

Last year I was given an Atlas copy holder as a gift. I began using it in my office and found that it is extremely convenient and efficient and, to my surprise, it has helped me with a problem I was having with my neck. The Atlas is so adjustable that it enables me to place my work at exactly the right height so that I can sit comfortably without twisting.

I enjoyed using the Atlas so much that I purchased another for use with my home computer. I found that I can work on any size document and Atlas holds them all. The bonus is that it looks great, too.

Sheldon Rovin, DDS, MS
Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

I love the Atlas! The finish is gorgeous, and it's so functional - I can actually put heavy computer books on it. It's fabulous.

Carol Howell
Computer User Liaison
Department of Rehabilitation
State of California

I've recommended the Atlas to our accounting group - it handles a wider range of document types than any other copy holder I've seen.

Jim Davison
Senior Industrial Hygienist
Shell Oil Company

I have looked for a good ergonomic copy stand for years. The Atlas is a terrific tool for any one who spends time looking at copy while using a computer.  I am amazed at the product's versatility and plain, simple usefulness.  I cannot tell you how much your product helps me.

Cordell Koland
Moutain View, CA
Marketing consultant and free-lance writer

My Atlas Book Stand is an integral part of my workstation and operations.

Throughout the day, we get calls requesting information and pricing on a variety of products.  At my desk, most of this information is contained in drawer-mounted loose-leaf files.  They weigh about 4 lbs. each and are clumsy to handle.

The Atlas Stand performs a valuable function, allowing me to slap open a binder at the perfect angle, for reading information over the telephone or typing it into a quotation or e-mail.  It's great not having to worry about it collapsing under the weight, or losing adjustment.

We would recommend your product to anyone needing a durable and effective adjustable stand for reference material.

Robert N. Andres, CSP, CPE, BFCE
Vice President

It's a happy day when you stumble onto a product that is functional, attractive, and just plain old does it better than anything you've seen before. Recently I heard about an "ergonomically-designed copy holder" with so many fascinating features I just had to try it.

I used it for one day and fell in love all over. First of all, it's pretty. Mine is a light birch...with smooth, rounded corners. When you think technical all day, a bit of beauty is not to be underestimated.

But second, and most important, this copy holder will take care of every odd and unique shape or weight of copy I can think of - from a single sheet of paper to books, oversized documents, three-ring binders, manuals, and stapled material that always slips out of your copy holder's grip. It would be great for programmers and anyone who uses fanfold paper.

Whoever designed the Atlas copy holder has struggled with real world work.

Review by Sharon Lombardo in The Typographer

You asked me this morning if I am still using my "ATLAS", and my immediate reaction was, "You can have my ATLAS when you pry it out of my cold dead fingers!" and you can quote me on that. ATLAS is the most elegant solution to the problem of "How do I hold what I am copying from" that I have ever seen.

Over the years I have used everything from a clothespin taped onto a student lamp to an electric copy holder with a pneumatic foot switch (no kidding) and ATLAS beats them all hands down. It is the only copy holder I have ever seen that will allow me to go from a stack of 14" wide printouts, to the Washington DC telephone book (quite hefty), to a single sheet of fax flimsy, and handle all of them with equal facility. 

Martin Gear
Martin Gear Consulting
Columbia, Maryland

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