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  The document holder of choice for versatility and strength 
The Standard Atlas  

Standard Atlas holding Webster's Dictionary
Standard Atlas holding Webster's Dictionary, with
the short end of a line guide marking a word.
Note the page stopper restraining the page at
lower right. The Atlas for Library Cataloging
holds even thicker books.

Standard Atlas Features

Holds heavy books or a single sheet of paper
Height adjustable shelf
Wide, deep shelf holds large or awkward documents
Easy angle adjustment
Page stoppers keep pages in place
Pencil well
Durable, attractive construction
Holds fan-fold documents at a comfortable viewing angle
Reversible line guide (optional) works with books, thick documents and computer paper
Spring loaded clip (optional) holds a stack of documents more than 2 inches thick, and is transparent so the user can see the document underneath

Toughest copy holder on the block!

In the photo at left, the Standard Atlas holds 27 lbs. of weights with ease. It is a real work horse. It is the document holder of choice for all around versatility and unparalleled strength.


You can rapidly and easily adjust it to hold anything from large books to short documents to a single sheet of paper -- at whatever height and angle you desire.
Its adjustability is unparalleled. In addition to 11 inches of height adjustability, it features ten different viewing angles between 15 and 60 degrees from the vertical.  Thus, it offers effortless viewing for working and reading.

Sturdy construction means it will hold your dictionary, text book, medical or law book, or reference book.  The durability of this product is outstanding—we've been making them since 1994, and have yet to hear of one breaking.

The optional reversible line guide (shown in the photo at left and the one at the top of this page) lets you select the wide side for viewing across a page, or the narrow side for columns of text. The supporting cord of this counter-balanced device is nearly transparent.

This is the only line guide on the market that will work with thick documents or books.
The Standard Atlas holds large, awkward documents with ease. Three-ring binders, manuals, short documents are no problem! The handy pencil well adds to your convenience.

This photo shows a standard ring binder supported by the Atlas.  In the photo in the binder on the left is Spike the cat sitting on a black Standard Atlas.  In the right-hand photo, three 3/4 inch hard cover books are placed on the Standard Atlas shelf, with room to spare.
Most copy stands are flimsy and can't be adjusted for viewing your papers or books at different levels.  Thankfully, Dainoff Designs offers a... Book & Copy Holder that strays from the cheesy norm.
Review in Home Office Computing, May 1995

The Standard Atlas was awarded a 1997 ADEX Award for Design Excellence from Design Journal

To compare the new Standard Atlas to other models, click here.

The price for any color is $79 plus shipping.

Quantity discounts with 3 or more units.

Optional line guide and spring-loaded clip can be purchased below.

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