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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Where can I see an Atlas in a store?
We have very few dealers throughout the United States. Atlases are a quality product, and therefore very expensive to make -- so to sell them at a reasonable price, there can't be much of a mark-up. For this reason, most of our sales are direct sales. Nevertheless, if you are (or know of) a dealer who wants to carry them, please let us know! And if you're looking for a dealer in your area, call us at 800 GET ATLAS to see if there is one.

What if I have a rush order? Do you ship other than UPS Ground?
We can usually ship next day air or second day air with UPS, or we can ship with the carrier of your choice using your shipper number. We can also ship via the US Postal Service, if that meets your needs, but unless you pay extra, they do not track shipments or offer insurance.

Alternate shipping, or shipping beyond the contiguous 48 states of the US, may cost more, and you will be charged for the shipping amount and, if necessary, a nominal service charge.

Our UPS Ground shipments, go out from St. Henry, Ohio. This means an Atlas can get to the east coast within 3 days, and to the west coast within 5 days of shipment. We try to ship within three business days, but the delay may be between 1 and 2 weeks. You can always email us at to check on your order, or phone us at (800) GET ATLAS.

What if I'm not sure my order went through, or when it will be shipped? Following a suggestion by one of our customers, people who purchase Atlases on line or who give us an email address will receive a shipping notification via email on the day the product is shipped. This notification will contain the UPS tracking number, and how to use it.

It may take up to two weeks before an order is shipped (although we try to make it sooner). If at any time you wish to check on your order, email us at, or check by calling us at 800 GET ATLAS (800 438-2852). Pressing # will get you beyond the outgoing message so that you can leave a message for us, if a human does not answer.

Would your stand be capable of holding Webster’s Third International Dictionary? Closed it is 9 x 13 and 4 inches thick.
Any of our book holders could hold your dictionary. The only question is, with your dictionary's thickness of 4 inches, will it matter to you if all the pages are not supported when the dictionary is opened to the a's or the z's? Many book holders support only the binding. Our Standard Atlas and Atlas Ultra have shelves that are 3 inches deep and the Atlas-LC's shelf is 4 inches deep (certainly enough for your dictionary).

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, at 12.25 tall, 9.5" wide and 3.6" thick is shown on the Atlas-LC page (see menu at left) . This encyclopedia will also sit easily on a Standard Atlas or Atlas Ultra, but when it's open at the a's the dictionary's middle pages may sag. This would of course not be a problem for short periods of time.

You can see a Webster's New World Dictionary, which measures 7 x 10 x 2.25 inches, on a Standard Atlas (see menu at left) and on an Atlas Ultra on those respective pages. Either of these can certainly support the weight and width of your dictionary.

Do you have any sort of guarantee?
All products are guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is limited to refund, replacement, or repair of the book holder.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the Atlas does not fit your needs, and if it is returned in as-new condition. Before returning the Atlas, please call us at 800 GET ATLAS. We will need the credit card number you used to purchase the Atlas in order to credit your account (we do not keep those numbers). We can not refund the cost of shipping or the cost of return shipping.

What are Atlases made of?
All colors of the Standard Atlas, the Atlas-LC and the Slim Atlas are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) coated with a vinyl colored or woodgrain finish. It is generally used for furniture and bookcases, it is extraordinarily strong, and it is resistant to the swelling and shrinking solid wood undergoes when the humidity changes.

Atlas Ultras are fabricated from ®Trespa. Trespa is made of paper and phenolic resins pressed together under high heat and pressure. It is imported from Holland, where it is made from wood from renewable forests, in a factory which prides itself on being "green." Trespa is similar to Formica; the 3/16 inch material we use is extremely strong and durable. To learn more about Trespa, go to

Atlas Ultras can be ordered in quantities of 20 or more in almost any color that Trespa makes. Since they are cut from large sheets rather than molded, we are able to alter dimensions if you have special requirements (see "Custom Atlas" in menu at left).

Where are Atlases manufactured?
In St. Henry, Ohio, by R&R Fabrications, Inc.

Do you make any smaller Atlas Copy Holders?
We currently stock the Slim Atlas, measuring just 7.5 inches wide, with a 2.5 x 8.5 inch shelf, in a birch woodgrain finish. We can make Atlases in any size (larger or smaller) or available color that you need, in quantities of 10 or more.

Is the line guide magnetic?
No, it is a simple counterweighted device. It can be used with either a clear thread (for reading) or a black thread (for lines and columns, to give left-right orientation). The clear thread is now standard; we'll be happy to substitute a black thread if you request it.

Do you have any adaptations for people who are disabled?
The Atlas is an example of universal design -- that is, all people, including people with disabilities, can use the Atlas as is, after it is adjusted.

We have been told that the Standard Atlas is the only book holder on the market that is sturdy enough to be used by people who use a mouth stick.

For people with limited hand strength who use the spring-loaded clip that comes with the Standard Atlas, we have an "Easy Pull Loop" which enables you to slip a finger or a pencil through the loop to operate the clip.

How long have Atlas Ergonomic Book & Copy Holders
been on the market?
The Standard Atlas has been sold since 1994. Atlas-LCs were first made in about 1997. Atlas Ultras were first sold in November 2000.

Are the Atlases patented?

Do you ever have sales or discounts?
Occasionally, we have a sale -- usually for people who are on our email mailing list (which we do not share with anyone else). We always have quantity purchase discounts, beginning at 3 units. You also save a lot on shipping when you purchase several Atlases -- and we pass those savings on to you. If you order on line, the quantity discount will be applied by the human who fills your order.

I have lost most of my page stoppers. Can I get replacements?
Of course! We now make them of stainless steel, and we may have to charge you around $3 plus postage if you need a complete set. Call us and we'll see what we can do, considering current pricing and postage.

Do you have a question for us? If so, email us at, or call 800 GET ATLAS (800-438-2852).

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